What are eDiamonds?

eDiamond is a cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology. eDiamonds are purchased through the eDiamond app and are designed to be given to that one special person in your life. A couple registers the relationship on the eDiamond app by sending and accepting eDiamond(s) to/from each other. When a person accepts an eDiamond they are no longer able to receive an eDiamond from anyone else. If a third person tries to send eDiamonds to a person who is already in a committed relationship in the app, the third person will receive a notice from the system that the other party is not able to accept the eDiamonds.

How does the eDiamonds work?

  1. A and B are in a committed relationship.
  2. A purchases a number of eDiamonds and gifts them to B.
  3. The system notifies B: B can choose to either accept or decline.
  4. If B accepts, A’s purchased eDiamonds will be deposited into B’s digital account, A and B will be recorded as being in a committed relationship in the system database.
  5. If B declines, eDiamonds purchased by A would remain in A’s account and the system will not record a committed relationship between A and B.
  6. After a committed relationship between A and B is confirmed and recorded, neither A nor B would be able to send or receive eDiamonds to or from a third party.
  7. If A or B decides to end the committed relationship, A or B may initiate disengagement unilaterally, causing the system to send immediate notice to the counterparty via text or APP.

What are eDiamonds worth?

eDiamonds’ value will be determined by the marketplace.

How do I know how many eDiamonds I own?

The eDiamonds app will tell you how many eDiamonds you own. It will also tell you how many U.S. dollars there are in your account for purchasing eDiamonds.

How can I buy eDiamonds?

You can purchase eDiamonds through the eDiamonds app available on the Google Play store and the eDiamond official website (http://ediamond.love).

Are eDiamonds linked to Facebook?

Yes, you can log into the eDiamond app with your Facebook login. You and your partner are verified via Facebook. The status of a committed relationship in the eDiamond app will not be shown to anyone else except you and your partner. Once a committed relationship is established, neither you nor your partner will be able to send/accept eDiamonds to/from anyone else.

Can someone receive eDiamonds from more than one person?

No, once someone accepts an eDiamond, they cannot receive eDiamonds from anyone else until the relationship is terminated.

Can someone give eDiamonds to more than one person?

Once your eDiamonds are accepted by another person you cannot give an eDiamond to anyone else until the prior relationship is terminated.

How do I terminate an eDiamond relationship?

If you decide to end a committed relationship, you can disengage unilaterally in the app and your relationship in the app will be terminated immediately. The system will send a notice to the counterpart via text or APP.

What happens to the eDiamonds after a relationship ends?

eDiamond recipients keep any eDiamonds they have received during the course of the relationship.